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At New Wide, all issues affecting the environment are the utmost importance. Not only we maintain all our locations in harmony with nature, but also continuously review our process and improve our technology.

Thirty one professionals in different areas of international trade and the supply chain compose our CSR Committee. They are of different cultural and educational backgrounds, and are located at different countries including China, Taiwan, Cambodia, HK, Kenya, Lesotho, Vietnam, and the USA. Every member collects the most updated information regarding CSR issues in their respective countries of work, analyzes it and sends that information to our headquarters. Through internal communication channels such as video conferences and news letters, we keep everybody in the Group informed of our actions, including our customers.

Together, the Committee members study suitable actions, and devise the right strategies to comply with the highest international standards. At the very least, the committee carries out with the responsibility to assure that our operations are in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Such a complex matter requires responsible organizations to join others in the global arena, so that our actions result in benefit for human kind rather than just for our company. Hence, New Wide Group is active member of international organizations such us VICS, the American Chamber of Commerce in HK and has lately been approved as member of the United Nations Global Compact. We also cooperate with governmental, educational and social organizations in China and Taiwan, such as China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC) and Taiwan Textiles Federation (TTF); in Africa with ALAFA, and with European organizations such as ITMF. We take those organizations and their members as part of our own Committee members, with whom we learn share experience, and work together to take global actions aiming at saving Earth. Our responsibility is to the world

Our CSR actions are continuously updated on our website. Please click here.