Emissions Reduction

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Compare to 2007, we reduced 288 tons of emissions in 2008. But we didn’t jumped to that number thanks to a sudden action; such an achievement, as many others of our organization, is the result of long attention to issues affecting global welfare.
Our engineers and technicians constantly revise and analyze every aspect of our production processes, and bring up ideas leading at improving workflow as well as the quality of the product and the environment.


We continue to work in making our contribution sustainable. Complex technology and solid know-how are our milestones for long-term planning. For example, we have installed a Finishing Machines’ Gas Purifying System (installation in process) to deal with poisonous elements such as dust, aldehyde, and others. What we do is to separate water from oil, This process takes place inside a water/oil separation camera. Once the separation process in completed, both water and oil are redirected to be processed separately.
Another target for the near future is to use natural gas to eliminate 100% SO2 discharge.