Energy Saving

Energy consumption management is an important part of business profitability, and a milestone of New Wide’s culture supporting our growth regardless the world economic crisis. As an international organization housing 10,000 staff at different countries, we also believe that  properly managing energy consumption is, beyond profitability, our responsibility to creating a better world. Whatever resources we preserve as corporation, counts for what we share with our people and the world.

Commitment brought into reality!

Executive capability to meet our commitments is one of New Wide Group’s most salient characteristics. More than to anything else, we are truly committed to becoming a helpful hand to global efforts attempting to diminish the impact of climate changes and energy scarcity, and our actions start at home.
The most recent advance in our efforts to reduce energy consumption is the installation of eight Hybrid Wind and Solar Energy Generators to illuminate indoor streets of our Changzhou knitting and dyeing mills.


Each unit utilizes wind and/or sunlight to generate power, which is storage in two 12V rechargeable batteries. The lights work simultaneously while the batteries storage energy. Another added value of this system is a dual control system: lights may be turned on and off utilizing either a fixed cycle control device or the sunrise-sunset natural cycle.
This investment allows reducing our energy consumption up to 2400w per day, while keeping out facilities illuminated at night. New Wide Group continues to implement all necessary measurements to maintain and improve sustainable business practices that comply with the highest global standards.

In 2008, our efforts to contribute to more sustainable business models launched very satisfactory saving results of three main resources: Water, electricity and steam.

How did we reach those numbers?









Frequency Conversion Technology:
By implementing frequency conversion technology at each dye vat’s power systems, we automatically control energy demand from each vat, which in turn allows us to reduce consumption up  30-35%

Condensation and Cooling Water Recycling:
Dye vats need to be cooled down before re-starting a new dyeing process. With an effective pipes-system we can collect that water, already warm, and reduce 3-7% of steam and 10-15% of water per day. Also, this “pre-heated” water allows for more savings on energy required to bring it to suitable dyeing temperature.  Waste water discharged reduced up to 10-15% per day


Air Heat Pump in Dormitory Building:
Instead of using electricity to heat the water use in the dorms, we use heat absorbed from air in summer. The savings in energy varies depending on the temperature achieved.





Refining & Dyeing Single Bath Process of Cotton/OP Fabric:
Experience and know-how allowed us to shorten working time to decrease abnormal operations, without affecting quality and reduce consumption up to 10-20% of electricity, 12-20% of steam and 20-30% of water / year



 Dyeing & Washing Single Bath Process of Polyester Fabric
Years of careful studies and daily long hours at the dyeing house, allowed our technicians to readjust dyeing and washing single bath process of polyester fabric, omitting alkaline washing to reduce 6-12% of electricity, 23-30% of steam and 2-5% of water / year