Cooperation is necessary to achieve any target. It is cooperation what makes it possible for us to keep a steady growth even in times of world economic crisis. Our cooperation programs go from industry to education to society as a whole.


 New Wide has cooperative education   programs with many schools; for example,   Fu Jen Catholic University, Feng Chia   University, and Shih Chien University of   Taiwan; Tianjin Polytechnic University,    Hebei University of Science and   Technology, Yancheng Textile Vocational   College, Changzhou Textile Garment   Institute, Donghua University of Mainland   China. Meanwhile, New Wide top managers   often speak on the textile industry, and share with new generations marketing, sales, and technical strategies. In addition, we provided scholarships, internships, and arrange visits to our factories to enable students from all over the world to understand textile industry in all its complexity.


As for industry cooperation, New Wide    Group is member of related local and   international organizations, such as   CNTAC (China National Textiles   Associated Congress), CCCT (China   Chamber of Commerce & Exporter of   Textiles),CDPA (China Dyeing and Printing   Association), Fabrics China, Taiwan   Textiles Research Institute, Taiwan Textile   Federation, VICS (Voluntary   Interdisciplinary Commerce Solutions), and the American Chamber of Commerce. With such a wide network, we assure constant learning and experience sharing, which allows as to keep in line with the most updates worldwide trends and concerns.  


 In New Wide Group we are never satisfied with   our achievements. In 2010 our new National   R&D Building will enhance even further our   cooperation range, as well as our contribution to   both the industry and society. New Wide is   proud of taking responsibility for creating a   better world for the future generation’s, and for human welfare!