Production Flow

Social compliance is a delicate and complicated matter. An efficient production flow is key for manufacturers to meet international standards that deliver global benefit. At New Wide production flow starts from the time we receive the raw material, and ends at delivery. We implement carefully designed and tested SOP’s that comply with every customer’s requirements.

Raw material is tested, classified, documented and set at racks ready for distribution to the corresponding stations along the production process. A defective article would be immediately reported to our headquarters’ PPC department and to the manufacturer. This is a critical step, and we assure efficiency through assigning people responsible to control that no damaged raw material ever enters our production line.

Experienced personnel who understand not only the technical aspects of production, but also the importance of their function to benefit society, supervise every stage along the production process. This mindset is what makes it possible to deliver products made to our customer’s  and society’s requirements.

As part of our efforts to help the environment, we have also been working on the improvement of several mayor processes at our dyeing house, such as:

Refining & Dyeing Single Bath  
Process of Cotton/OP Fabric: 
  Shorten working time to decrease 
  abnormal operations and reduce 
  1,320,000 kw of electricity, 25,000 
  tons of steam, 600,000 m3 of 
  water / year


  Dyeing & Washing Single Bath Process 
  of Polyester Fabric: Omit alkaline washing 
  to reduce 980,000 kw of electricity, 18,000 
  tons of steam, 400,000 m3 of water / year


Our Computerized Information System has also been upgraded with more detailed standard operating procedure(SOP). We have also designed and successfully implemented our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)to fully control production schedules, give instant attention to abnormalities, and improve customer service.
Besides, we also implement SPC Logic Art Automation System Dye vats monitor to control and trace integrated operation abnormalities.