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​Conscious of the responsibility we all have as citizens of the world, part of our reusable resources programs in 2008 included the design and production of an environmental friendly tableware kit consisting of a spoon decorated with a Chinese Phoenix, and chopsticks, so that every person in New Wide can help Earth… even when eating!

To make it even friendlier, this set comes into a special mesh knit with embossed finish reversible bag made of high function poly 2-tone mesh chinte fabric, one of our most important innovations in 2008 that was awarded “09/10 Autumn/Winter Textile Development Achievement." This fabric features high moisture absorbency, quick dryability, antibacterial function, and is durable after wash. The Chinese phoenix on the spoon is our hope for all our people to spread their wings and fly up with New Wide Group.

Adding to that very personal item, all our locations team up to recycle paper and batteries, classify trash, and keep air conditioners at 26˚. These are just some of many other small actions that make the big difference in making the world a better place to live.