Sustainable Development and Carbon Management Timeline

Framework Establishment

  • 2009 Established NEW WIDE Sustainability Committee
  • 2010 Accredited by China Social Compliance 9000 for Textile & Apparel Industry(CSC9000T)
  • 2010 Released New Wide Corporate Social Responsibility Report at the Great Hall of People in Beijing and became the first group of “Social Responsibility Information Disclosure Demonstration Enterprise" in China textile and apparel industry
  • 2012 First release of energy saving and emission reduction report

Compliance Certification

  • 2014 Certified by Quality Management System (ISO9001), Environmental Management System (ISO14001), Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS18001 )
  • 2014 Certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, GOTS, GRS, OCS etc
  • 2015 Aligned with UN SDGs, started the baseline survey, the base year of energy consumption
  • 2016 As a formal bluesign® system partner
  • 2016 Accredited by the Enterprise Intellectual Property Management System( GB / T29490-2013)


  • 2017 Released CSR White Paper bilingually and adopted two standards,“Global Reporting Initiative Standard (GRI-G4) " and“ China Sustainability Reporting Verification Rules and Instructions (CSR-VRAI)"
  • 2018 Global sustainability development team and management system established

Brand  Alliance

  • 2019 Become Taiwan Circular Textile Initiative founding member、Participate in the Brand Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) development plan、Published New Wide Group Sustainability Quarterly
  • 2020 Accredited by ISO50001、 The first textile manufacturer joining EP100 、 All New Wide facilities apply Higg FEM and SLCP
  • 2021 Sustainability-centric transformation of Group vision, strategy, structure and culture
  • 2022 Both dyeing mills have installed rooftop solar panels. NW Vietnam mill purchased I-REC, which makes to reach green power 100%

Corporate Sustainability

Sustainability Governance

  • New Wide Sustainability
  • Core Values
  • New Wide Sustainability Policy
  • New Wide Sustainability Committee
  • Sustainability Quarterly

Environment Friendly

  • Green Production
  • Energy Management
  • Water Resources Management
  • Chemicals Management
  • Sustainable Fabrics Innovation

People Oriented

  • Sharing, Integrity, Sustainability
  • Emphasizing Labor Rights
  • Implementing Occupational Health and Safety Management

Social Engagement

  • Industry-University Cooperation
  • Charity
  • Friendly for Community

New Wide Sustainability

Seeking harmonious partnership and sustainable development of the enterprise, pursuing maximum social value; protecting and creating a better living environment for human beings, and also contributing to the welfare of employees, partners, and the society.

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Core Values

In the basis with innovative technology; using talent training as the growth mode; considering green production as the development focus; and moving towards a sustainable enterprise.

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Sustainability Strategy

  1. Development and application of sustainable materials
    biomass, carbon neutral, biodegradable, and recyclable
  2. Transformation and implementation of low-carbon production process
    energy saving, renewable energy, greenhouse gas emission inventory, intelligent digital platform
  3. Evaluation of green product
    material traceability, sustainability certification, zero hazardous chemicals

New Wide Sustainability Policy

Since its establishment in 1975, New Wide Group has continued to devote itself to the implementation of corporate social responsibility and has set up a complete CSR system. In addition to continuously creating business performance, committing to energy conservation and carbon reduction, continuously investing in the purchase of various energy-saving equipment, and setting the goal of becoming an economic and environmentally sustainable enterprises, it also strengthens the good interaction between plants and local community. Through the improvement of supply chain management, New Wide can pursue corporate growth while taking "" Sustainable Enterprise "" as its ultimate business goal. New Wide is willing to fulfill the responsibility of corporate citizenship, also for environment, society, employees and stakeholders, and create a better future together.

Therefore, New Wide Group is committed to complying with relevant regional laws and international regulations. With a spirit of sharing and honesty, while devoted to business operations, New Wide is also taking into account the environment protection, employee health and safety, human rights and social interests of stakeholders. In the realization of environmental responsibility, we can effectively manage the impact of the process on the environment, and make the process more energy efficient through relevant measures and actions. In addition, through research and innovation, we have developed more environmentally sustainable products and materials. The following is New Wide Sustainable Development Policy,

  1. Comply with local regulations and environmental protection laws
  2. Continue to improve the production process, and be committed to pollution prevention. Actively invest in energy conservation and carbon reduction, and strictly implement waste reduction in the process
  3. Pay attention to employee rights and ensure fair employment opportunities
  4. Through training and development, strengthen employees' awareness of functions of “Sustainable Enterprise”
  5. Continuously promote and implement environmental sustainability actions, and regularly communicate the results of sustainability achievements to stakeholders in an appropriate manner
  6. Continue to innovate products and services to enhance customer satisfaction
  7. Caring for socially disadvantaged groups and supporting community charity activities
  8. Exerting high ethics and fulfilling corporate citizenship

New Wide Sustainability Committee

New Wide officially incorporated the "Sustainability Committee" into the organizational structure in 2009. It was officially transformed into the "New Wide Sustainability Committee"and was composed of the executive management team, also the managers in various departments. The committee is responsible for formulating sustainable policies, action plans, performance reviews and cross-department coordination. With a clear sustainable organization and structure, each department can include sustainable issues into daily operations, promote sustainable awareness of supply chain partners, and work with stakeholders for more development opportunities.

Sustainability Quarterly


Green Production

In order to establish an environmentally friendly management model, New Wide gradually improves energy efficiency, starting with the improvement of environmental and energy management systems. In order to plan environmentally friendly projects, we are actively promoting highly efficient standard operating procedures (SOP) production management, introducing a new enterprise resources planning (ERP) system and deploying high efficiency equipment and devices to contribute to energy saving and emission reduction in the industry. For example, we are equipped with an automatic dyestuff transport system, an automatic dyestuff titration system and an automatic proofing machine. The digital “Intelligent-manufacturing Data Control Centers” (IDCC) have been built in factories in Changzhou (China) and Phuoc Dong (Vietnam) to keep track of production performance data in real time and to achieve efficient, intelligent and sustainable production management processes. By analyzing the real time data from the dyeing and finishing sites, important production KPIs such as production output, machine efficiency, raw material cost and power cost can be displayed on the screen and presented in a visual panel to help sales and production units to react quickly and improve production efficiency. In addition, in line with international environmental trends, New Wide has actively applied the Higg FEM and VFEM modules and passed the international environmental certifications of third party, such as bluesign, OKEO-TEX Standard 100, etc.

Intelligent-manufacturing Data Control Centers
Automatic Dyestuff
Automatic Dyestuff Titration System
Automatic Proofing Machine
Automatic Dyestuff Transport System

Energy Management

In order to provide high quality and environmentally friendly products to our global customers, New Wide's highest guiding principle is to increase production capacity and reduce energy consumption at the same time. Through a two-pronged strategy of "improving management mechanisms" and "energy saving initiatives", we are committed to optimizing our management systems to reduce energy consumption on the one hand, and improving energy efficiency in our manufacturing processes and factories through energy saving initiatives on the other. New Wide is committed to improving energy productivity and reducing energy waste, and pledges to achieve a 15% increase in Energy Productivity (EP) by 2030, and became the first textile industry member of the EP100 (Energy Productivity 100) in mainland China in September 2020.

Since 2019, Changzhou and Phuoc Dong factories in Vietnam have started the green solar power project, in which solar panels are installed on the roof of the factories and the electricity generated is used for production.Both dyeing mills have installed rooftop solar panesl in 2022, with the total capacity of about 5MV, accounts for 10~15% of total energy consumption. NW Vietnam mill purchased I REC, which makes to reach RE100 , green power 100%.

The factories have started the green solar power project
New Wide is the first textile enterprise member of EP100 in the Greater China region
New Wide facilities apply  the evaluation tool of Higg FEM
Renewable Energy Certificate

Water Resources Management

New Wide's main principle for water resources is “volume reduction, recycling and reuse". The wastewater treatment approaches of all factories are in line with the current national environmental protection policies and engineering construction laws, regulations, norms and standards. A real time wastewater monitoring system is set up in each factory to keep track of the status of wastewater in real time and to ensure that the wastewater treatment continues to operate well. Wastewater testing is carried out twice a year and meets the ZDHC  testing standards. In addition to promoting various water saving measures to enhance the efficiency of water use, New Wide also takes the lead in the effectiveness of water recycling in the industry, resulting in a significant increase in the proportion of water reuse to total water consumption.

Wastewater Treatment System of New Wide
“Volume Reduction, Recycling and Reuse" is the main principle for water resources of New Wide
Recycling system is based on more than 8 filtering and purification processes of wastewater treatment 

Chemicals Management

With the increasing demand for green textiles and environmental protection from the global market and brand customers, New Wide is actively controlling the use of textile chemicals and implementing green production mechanisms to develop more functional and fashionable products, in addition to technical standards, production quality and testing technology. We are committed to the responsible use of chemicals in our production process and are actively involved in ZDHC initiatives to enhance information transparency, collaboration and commitment. At the same time, we are actively working with our supply chain partners to achieve the goal of zero emission of hazardous chemicals.

New Wide obtained the zero emission certification from ZDHC supplier
New Wide was certified by Oeko-Tex® and also a system partner of bluesign®

Sustainable Fabrics Innovation

Sustainable Materials

  • Naia
  • Elacomfort
  • Biodegradable Polyester
  • Biodegradable Nylon
  • Bio-based
  • Recycled Polyester
  • Recycled Nylon
  • Recycled Cotton
  • Pre Consumer Recycled Polyester
  • Pre Consumer Recycled Cotton
  • Dope Dye
  • FSC
New Wide committed to develop sustainable materials
New Wide committed to develop sustainable materials
New Wide committed to develop sustainable materials
New Wide committed to develop sustainable materials

Sharing, Integrity, Sustainability

New Wide is a group also a family. We call it " Enterprise Family ". The success of all family members is the key of New Wide towards industry competition and excellence. New Wide adheres to a sound and fair management system of " making talents do the best in the appropriate positions ", so that each family member can play their role in the best position.

Commitment of New Wide Group Family

  • Providing a stage to give full play of the wisdom from employees
  • Voices of employees are fully expressed through communication channels
  • Constructing a multi-track career development platform for talents to pursue a continuous career
  • Catch up the high-speed growth of New Wide for " Glocalization "


  • Share knowledge
  • Share experience
  • Share profits


  • Employees
  • Partners
  • All responsibilities 


  • Supply Chain
  • Earth
  • Environment

Emphasizing Labor Rights

Labor and Human Rights Policy of New Wide

  • Safeguard human rights : respect and support international human rights protection measures, while complying with labor safety and health regulations
  • Freedom of employment : compulsory or forced labor and child labor are strictly prohibited. All employees work voluntarily and have the freedom to terminate their employment contract after reasonable notice
  • Humane treatment : Any type and form of harassment and cruel treatment are strictly prohibited, including sexual harassment, abuse, slavery, punishment, threats, exploitation, physical and psychological pressure or verbal abuse
  • Elimination of discrimination : Employee employment depends on ability. Recruitment, selection, training, motivation, promotion, dismissal, retirement and other employee conditions should be exempt from discrimination on the basis of race, religion, color, nationality, age, and disability
  • Prohibition of child labor : effective abolition of child labor
  • Working hour management : Establish a fair management system that complies with labor laws and regulations
  • Salary and benefits : provide employees with remuneration and benefits in accordance with the law, including minimum wages, paid leave and legal benefits
  • Freedom of association : protect and respect the rights of employees to organize unions, and establish effective communication channels in accordance with the law
  • Competence development : ensure employees equal development opportunities and arrange the training required to perform tasks, thereby improve employees' working ability and skills
  • Labor safety : Provide a safe and hygienic working environment, and refer to laws and regulations to create a system that can maintain occupational and health safety, and continuously improve labor safety

Implementing Occupational Health and Safety Management

New Wide actively builds and plans a healthy and safe working environment for its employees, so that all employees in the factories and offices can work to their full potential in a good and safe working environment. With the core principle of "Zero Harm", New Wide has implemented the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and continues to invest resources to eliminate all possible health and safety issues in the workplace.

New Wide Group was preparing to celebrate its 45th anniversary in early 2020 when it was suddenly faced with a global outbreak of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19). With operational bases on three continents, New Wide Group immediately launched all its emergency response plans. The most important concept is “people-oriented”, with the physical and mental health of the employees as the first priority. New Wide arranged a birthday celebration for the quarantined employees, and the senior leaders personally wrote letters and presented comforting gifts to the quarantined employees to cheer them up. The Changzhou factory also launched an online questionnaire survey on staff’s movements in order to track and manage all staff; the African garment team created their own disinfection equipment to provide a safe and secure working environment for all staff at New Wide.

New Wide (Vietnam) conducted the fire drills
The anti-epidemic team of New Wide (Kenya) garment 
Cambodia New Wide organized COVID-19 screening test for staff
African garment team created their own disinfection equipment
Changzhou New Wide held annual emergency drill for sewage, steam and hazardous waste leakage

Industry-University Cooperation

For making a solid foundation for talents pool, New Wide started the Management Associate (MA) recruitment program in 2006, and launched the " Talent Pool Development Program " in 2015, cooperation with textile related departments in Taiwan and China. New Wide arranges high-potential talents to factory for in-depth work experience, so that students can gain an deep understanding of the industrial operation, and apply the theories learned in school to R&D or production.

Student Representatives Visit
Textile Industry Orientation at Campus
China MA Recruitment Program

Public Welfare Care

For New Wide, the concept of "sharing" is deeply rooted in the hearts of every New Wide member and in every aspect of its corporate culture. New Wide is willing to share its resources and knowledge to all those in need. And giving back to society is also part of New Wide's responsibility to share. New Wide has demonstrated its concern for social welfare through practical actions.

New Wide’s factories in different regions donated food to the local poor and disadvantaged groups. Whenever there was an unexpected natural disaster, New Wide donated fabrics and garments to the sufferers. During the pandemic, New Wide Group reacted quickly and actively adjusted to improve the production technology, passed the certification of protective products, and provided manufacturing services for protective clothing, isolation clothing, knitted masks, etc. New Wide donated anti-pandemic materials including masks, protective fabrics to local Red Cross associations, hospitals and communities in the hope of building a stronger front against the pandemic and fighting it together.

Vietnam New Wide Factory donated protective clothing to the Ben Cat Hospital
Changzhou New Wide participated in the 2021 public welfare activity "Walking for A Bag of Milk"
Lesotho New Wide donated the charity goods to the local poor
New Wide My Phuoc Garment Factory supported school with scholarships
Cambodia New Wide donated of supplies to orphanages

Friendly for  Community

New Wide Group has been committed to achieve a balance between corporate development and environmental protection, continues to invest in social welfare activities, and demonstrates for caring for the earth.

Changzhou New Wide held the " Commemorating June 5th World Environment Day and Factory Open Day for Green Smart Technology " event, invited representatives of surrounding communities, enterprises and students to introduce New Wide's sustainability concepts and environmental governance actions, such as water reuse, flue gas purification system, etc. Through diversified promotion methods, the environmental protection concept, mission and sense of global identity will be cultivated inward and outward, and we look forward to working with more neighboring schools, communities and environmental education fields for sustainability issues.

"Alxa" means "beautiful and colorful" in Mongolian. The desert in China is one-third of the total area, so it is urgent to hold on to the ecological defense line and create a stable green border on the desert. New Wide Group has adopted trees since 2016 and participated in the restoration plan of 2 million acres of desert vegetation cover, thereby improving the local ecological environment, curbing the trend of desertification, and contributing to the green earth.

" Commemorating June 5th World Environment Day and Factory Open Day for Green Smart Technology " event
Professor and students visited Changzhou New Wide
Students Representative Visit

​“The Competition Between Enterprises are all about Concept”

The business culture of New Wide Group is "" Sharing and Honesty "", and can be put into action to serve all employees and customers. New Wide can always meet the expectations of the world's major well-known brands in the most efficient way, and also demonstrate the highest efficiency in corporate social responsibility actions.

After a deep understanding of the global warming climate change trend, New Wide actively assumed its due social responsibility and worked hard to find ways to participate and contribute. In our knitting and dyeing mills, a complete energy-saving system has been planned from the construction of factory, which is in the planning of all aspects, such as factory design, equipment selections and production process. New Wide has considered energy consumption and emission reduction, so as to reduce the impact on environment during the production process.

In the production process of the garment factories, it is also committed to providing a clean and non-toxic environment, and attaches great importance to labor health and safety. All processes are in compliance with local regulations and customer requirements.

New Wide focuses on innovation and bravely invests in the latest technology. We develop more than 3,000 new fabrics every year and collect world fashion trends every quarter to provide the latest and fastest information and services for customers..

In addition, New Wide has a professional information department to customize local IT systems for the demands of factories, and provide complete training courses to improve the infrastructure in the production area and make substantial contributions to society. More importantly, New Wide invites all partners to take action to implement corporate social responsibility, treat employees and the environment, and make the greatest efforts for being a global citizen.
Tony Huang, Chairman of New Wide Group

Next Decade of New Wide Group - Towards a Sustainable Business

Since its establishment in 1975, New Wide Group has continued to expand and develop. More than 10 years ago, it entered the field of garments from textiles, and moved from Taiwan to the world. After more than 40 years, it is now an international textile group across three continents.

Innovative technology lays the foundation for development

New Wide realized early on that international buyers are most concerned about the added value of the product and must be innovative every quarter. In the global competitive environment, New Wide has taken the road of high-end and innovative development. Not only following the international trend and developing the latest fabrics, the Group's headquarter has also set up an innovation center combining cross-industry technology applications. In the future, we will collaborate with brand customers and suppliers to stay at the forefront of fashion to provide products that better meet consumer expectations and needs.

Talents training for enterprise development

New Wide believes that talent is the core of the enterprise, and hopes that everyone who joins the group can be trained properly to play their abilities in full. The head office and each business unit formulate corresponding training courses according to their positions, arrange lectures every week, and cooperate with well-known textile universities in various places to recruit outstanding young talents; rotate them in key departments as management trainees, and arrange continuous development in suitable departments. A good and complete talent development system has become the core of New Wide's growth. From headquarter to branches, it can improve production processes and customer service quality.

Focus on green production

New Wide promotes the energy-saving and emission reduction process, implements 6S management and SOP methods, and builds up tailor-made ERP system. The powerful dyeing auxiliary material feeding system can reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve production efficiency to avoid abnormalities. New Wide successively invested tens of millions of US dollars to purchase high-tech and low energy consumption equipment in accordance with European regulations, which are used in equipment renovation, automatic water treatment, steam cost reduction, water reuse systems, and solar panel installations. From factory establishment to mass production, New Wide regards green production as the primary core value of product manufacturing.

Brand, innovation, quick response, corporate social responsibility

From the beginning of converters to now operating overseas factories around the world, the market is much more different from before. New Wide has always adjusted the paces in response to market changes, steadily expanded its business scope and serving customers, and improved from a single manufacturing thinking to a "" social enterprise "" with the basis of employees, customers, and the environment, committed to becoming the major supplier of world-renowned brands. New Wide Group has always set the goal of always walking in front of customer needs.
Angela Chuang, General Manager of New Wide Group