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Training and Development

Career Development

Internal training courses are well arranged according to your personal experiences and characteristics.
Training blueprint is developed for talents cultivation.
Help every employee be professional, versatile and international.

Diverse Learning

Sharing and honesty, the New Wide culture, is realized from top down.
Talents are cultivated step by step.

Trainings are arranged according to different job functions and levels.
Hope that every New Wider could achieve more by keeeping learning.

On-board Training

Stage One: Exploration

Orientation: Help novices be equipped with correct working notions and quickly engaged in New Wide cultures.
Job Trainer and Mentor System: Help novices get through the adaptation period.
Meeting with Senior Executives: Haing interactions with senior executives strengthens their understandings of company culture and concepts.

Stage Two: Cultivation

Basic Courses: Trainings are arranged according to novices' jobs and professional level to strengthen their knowledge and quality.
Batchmate Gathering: Those who have joined New Wide for 3-6 months will be gathered to build the team spirit and the social network.

Stage Three: Internalization

Probation Period Evaluation: Improve employee retention through two-way communication and evaluation.
Specialty Examinations: Exams will be hold irregularly, enabling employees internalize professional knowledge.

Life at New Wide

Employee Benefits

  • Fixed Monthly Salary: 14 months along with regular salary examination and performance evaluation
  • Bonus: Year-end and performance bonuses based on company's results and personal performance
  • Holiday bonus: Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and year-end bonus
  • Insurance: Labor and health insurance, retirement pension and group insurance

Performance Pay System

  • The bonus which employees get by doing their jobs well leads to an increase in salary.
  • Our holiday bonus amount outperforms the market.
  • Project completion bonus encourages employees perform well at any time.

Employee Protection

  • Employee Rights: Labor and health insurance, retirement pension
  • Thoughtful Cares: Group insurance, regular health check-ups and legal consulting
  • Allowances: Marriage, funeral and job-related allowance
  • Job stability: Complete performance evaluation and job transfer system

Various Activities

  • Company Trip/ Family Day: Travels are arranged periodically to improve the relationships with one another.
  • Year-end and Spring Party: Share the results of the year together.
  • Benefits: Sales are hold by Employee Welfare Committee from time to time.
  • Clubs: Different clubs for employees to join and have a sense of belonging.
  • Health Check-ups: Regular free Health Check-ups are arranged for employees.

Be a New Wider

Join us and make progress together. Join us to build your dream!!

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