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New Wide Group To Publish CSR White Paper at Shanghai INTERTEXTILE
CSR White Paper will be released at Shanghai’s InterContinental Hotel on 2017/10/12. It will be the first strategic direction New Wide Group takes to release our quality, research and development, management, employee rights and interests, staff training and environmental protection to the major brands, suppliers and the production and publishing industry. This will also show New Wide’s determination and forward planning with our corporate social responsibility.
Changzhou New Wide Awarded 2017 Top Twenty Printing and Dyeing Enterprises 
China dyeing and printing association host the sixth enlarged meeting of the fifth councill meeting and nationwide dyeing and printing industry annual meeting of management and innovation. The meeting honored China top twenty enterprises for printing and dyeing. Among 40 thousand enterprises, New Wide group won the prize again. The prize proved our good preference, at the meanwhile; it also highlighted that Changzhou New Wide fully fulfilled its enterprise obligation. Congratulations!
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