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New Wide Group Held CSR White Paper Conference in Shanghai
New Wide CSR white paper are one of those very few publishments that meet both GRI and CNTAC standard in textile industry. Ms. Angela Chuang, general manager of NW group, gave a speech, and awarded CSR Brand Partner Prize to six brand partners and CSR strategy Partner Prize to four suppliers. The conference is the embodiment of New Wide Group's long time effort on CSR. Many positive feedbacks were received from the guests and media. In the future New Wide Group will keep on aligning with our partners to develop, produce and sell more green products, making contribution to environment protection. Watch New Wide CSR White Paper Release Conference video    
Changzhou New Wide Awarded 2017 Top Twenty Printing and Dyeing Enterprises 
China dyeing and printing association host the sixth enlarged meeting of the fifth councill meeting and nationwide dyeing and printing industry annual meeting of management and innovation. The meeting honored China top twenty enterprises for printing and dyeing. Among 40 thousand enterprises, New Wide group won the prize again. The prize proved our good preference, at the meanwhile; it also highlighted that Changzhou New Wide fully fulfilled its enterprise obligation. Congratulations!
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