Chairman Message

“The competition of enterprise is the competition about concept”

 The cultural core of New Wide Group is “sharing and honesty”, and making efforts to serve the employees and clients of New   Wide. New Wide is always able to find the most effective solution to meet the needs of the world famous brand clients with the   highest requirements, and it has also showed the highest efficiency in the action related to social responsibility.
 It is required to prove through the actual performance: Compared with the same period last year, New Wide was closer to the   established energy-saving goal in 2016. Taking New Wide Changzhou Printing and Dyeing Factory as an example, the electricity   consumption is 985 KWH / ton of cloth, the water consumption is 95 tons / ton of cloth, the sewage consumption is 86 tons /   ton of cloth, and steam consumption is 6 tons / ton of cloth.
 After a deep understanding of the general trend of global warming climate shift, many companies around the world are   participating in the actions of corporate social responsibility. New Wide will actively assume corporate social responsibility and   strive to seek the way to participation and contribution. In the weaving and dyeing factory, a complete energy-saving system   has been planned from the construction of factory. In the planning of all aspects such as workshop design, equipment selection   and production process, New Wide has considered energy consumption and possible pollution discharge, so as to reduce the   impact on environment during the production process. During the production process of garment factory, we are also committed to providing a clean and effective environment as a basis and attaching great importance to the production environment for staff, so that all processes are in line with local laws and regulations and indicators required by clients.
New Wide is devoted to innovation and investment in the latest technology. The Group is able to research and develop more than 3,000 kinds of new cloths every year and collect the fashion trends in the world, so as to provide the latest and fastest information and services to its clients. In addition, this Group has a professional information department to customize the local process system according to the demands of factories, provide the most complete education and training and effective working modes, improve the infrastructure construction in the production areas and thus make a substantial contribution to the society. More importantly, New Wide will invite all partners to work together for fulfilling corporate social responsibility, treat the employees and environment well, and make the greatest efforts together as one citizen in the world.