Chairman Message

“Reducing consumption of precious human resources and emission of harmful substances is part of our contribution to human wellbeing”

If we were to describe New Wide in one word that would be “ACTION.” The same as we do regarding business solutions to please the most demanding customers worldwide, our actions on social responsibility are equally effective. 2008 proved that. Compare to 2007, last year we got close to our targets, reducing our energy consumption up to 11.2%, use of water 15%, steam 10.5%, COD emissions 12% tons and sewage displacement 15%. The effort and investment continue to grow in 2009 and the future. At New Wide, people take CSR actions as a personal daily responsibilities to help the organization and the world.

Thoroughly studying the planet’s climate conditions, and the actions taken by many organizations around the globe, helps us to understand our industry’s position, create internal conscience, and plan our contribution to face humankind common challenges.

We will not hesitate to continue investing in better technology, new materials development, training, work processes and infrastructure in order to contribute to human welfare.  Most important we will continue to strengthen our cooperation with our partners to develop common actions to make the world a better place to live.

Tony Huang, Chairman.